Overcoming Eating Disorders
Open Your Heart, Embrace Love, and Let Go of Fear
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Cynthia French Blanchard
Humanville is a spiritually based novel about a young woman in the music industry who tries to become a famous singer. She lives in Humanville, considered to be the most powerful and impressive city in the world. Everyone who lives in this city believes that image, power, and money are the only things that create success. These citizens will stop at nothing to achieve these goals, but don't realize that they are all living in fear (which is the driving force behind Humanville.) They bury this fear with self-abusive behaviors. Desmond Durango (the lead character) buries her fear with eating disorders. She suffers from both anorexia and bulimia.

She tries to succeed in her goals, but continually falls short of them and at one point almost dies because of her disease. One day she overhears a conversation about a place called "Godtown". She is intrigued by the thought that there might be a town somewhere that is full of gracious giving and loving interaction between people. She decides to try to find it. On her quest, she discovers the real secret to true happiness and joy, and ultimately heals from her diseases by embracing this newfound knowledge.