Cynthia French Blanchard The Power of Love and Choice
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From Cynthia French Blanchard
The last thing I ever thought I'd do is to write a book. That was nowhere in my dreams. Singing was my only focus. I've been in the music industry, and after many years of living what many might consider to be a charmed life (performing around the world and singing on the Grand Ole Opry, providing background vocals on a number of albums for artists including Reba McIntyre, founding and operating a successful music publishing company) , I found myself continually feeling unfulfilled even after achieving some success. The main reason for this sense of frustration was the fact that I dealt with anorexia and bulimia for most of my teens and early adulthood. This was a huge part of my life. The diseases prevented me from fulfilling my potential and kept me in a virtual prison for many, many years.

Through a miracle, I overcame eating disorders and desired to somehow share my story with others who have lived (or are living) in the nightmare I'd been in. I wanted to avoid writing the typical "woe is me" self-help book that might run the risk of being too self-indulgent, so I decided to create a story that would incorporate my experiences, but could be read as a fable.

Since writing Humanville, I have toured the country speaking publicly about my experiences with eating disorders, how I overcame them, and what led me to create this novel.

I married my husband, Anthem, in 2006 and we happily live in Las Vegas, NV. I also split my time between Las Vegas, Los Angeles, CA, and traveling with my husband around the world. I feel my life is more charmed now than it ever has been, and since I am free of the eating disorder prison, I can fully appreciate the blessings and love bestowed on me.

My hope is that Humanville will serve as inspiration and can be of service to those who are seeking to overcome eating disorders and discover their true power... the power of love and choice.